CineConcerts brings you the most iconic films, accompanied by a live symphony orchestra, performing the complete original film score

Music at its best is visceral and emotionally charged. Nothing compares to the experience of a live symphony orchestra playing the most emotive scores in cinematic history, accompanying the film they were created for.
— Justin Freer

The evolution of live experiences

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CineConcerts is one of the world’s leading producers of live music experiences performed with visual media.

Founded by composer/conductor Justin Freer and producer/writer Brady Beaubien, CineConcerts has engaged millions of people worldwide in concert presentations that redefine the evolution of live experience. From full-length movie screenings with live orchestra to music-interactive sporting event experiences to original 3D-environment holiday programming, CineConcerts is at the forefront of live entertainment.

Outstanding musicality interlaced with epic movies in some of the world’s greatest venues: Moving pictures in every sense!
— Brady Beaubien

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